MS Office 2007 installer usability fail

I think, as writers and communicators, we will (should!) have a big role to play in the design as well. I just heard from a prominent developer that he does not use his product! Of course he can’t. He might as well be using VC++ more than the software he is creating 🙂 But we, writers, are users as well as contributors. We should take this onto us to (constructively!) suggest better design.

MS office installer usability fail
Office installer showing default selections AGAIN

Last week I had a bad experience installing a component of Office 2007. I choose not to install a few Office components once. I reran the installer to install Visio and the components were selected this time, ready to be installed. I had to manually deselect them. Again! Microsoft should really honor user’s choice once a user has told them explicitly to not install certain components.

I found half of those components useless and explicitly told the installer to not install them in the first run. How hard is it to remember user’s choice? Microsoft, take a clue.

If you cannot, here it is for you. Just dump all the selections, a user makes during the setup, in an ini, xml, txt, or blahblah file on the disk. Next time user runs the installer, pick these settings. It is 2011 for God’s user’s sake. Going a step further such a file can be used to push settings for a silent install as well. I think they might as well be using this method for customized enterprise install. (Does MS provide an option to push custom installation in an enterprise environment? If yes, how do they do it?)


If you wish to, submit ‘feature request’ to Microsoft Office team here, for the problem I mentioned.


Author: AshishG


One thought on “MS Office 2007 installer usability fail”

  1. I have not yet tried Office 2010 yet. When I get to installed Office 2010 I shall test the installer for this particular thing. I am almost sure they have not addressed this issue.


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