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Hyperlinks in Flash Player or Adobe Captivate demo not working

You have a SWF file, containing a hyperlink. You click the link but it doesn’t go to the URL it should be going. And you know for sure that the link is there! What’s up with Flash Player?

Go to this link, add a folder on your machine, and select always allow to trust the folder. Beginning with Flash Player 10.3, the Local Settings Manager supersedes this Online Settings Manager for managing global settings. The Local Settings Manager can be accessed in the Control Panel on Windows and in System Preferences on Mac.

You can test your Flash files say, output of Adobe Captivate project, by keeping them in a trusted folder. The default output folder in Captivate is already trusted by Flash Player.

Global security setting for Flash Player

Global security setting for Flash Player

Security settings in the Flash Player do not allow links in SWF file to be clicked. You must have noticed the following error when viewing SWF files.

Flash Player message

Imagine if scripts in flash file could (automatically) click hyperlinks in flash based advertisements, while you are surfing the net! It would become a usability and a security nightmare. This is just a default security settings which you can change.

Happy and safe surfing!


7 thoughts on “Hyperlinks in Flash Player or Adobe Captivate demo not working

  1. I spent an entire morning trying to figure out why Captivate was not publishing in a way that let my URL be clicked and bring up a webpage, THANK YOU. Everything else I saw on many, many Adobe posts regarding this were not answered or didn’t work but this did. So grateful. Put your Captivate files in as a security exception in Flash Player for the browser you’re using, people! 🙂

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  3. Just summarizing “If you are consuming local SWF files from your own machine/hard disk, please rely on trusted folder settings to make the hyperlinks work. If you are viewing SWF files hosted on a webserver, using a browser, then you are good to go!”

  4. Help.

    I cannot get hyperlinks to work in Captivate 5.0. I located the answer re the fact that it is to do with the security settings in Flash Player. But… I do not even have Flash Player on my machine. I am testing it in an Internet Explorer 8.0 Browser only. Any ideas?

  5. Hi! I did not get your question Alex(?). Could you pls explain and we’ll try figuring how to get it done.

  6. but what should I do with the visitors?
    I have to show a tutorial on security.

    And banners are clickable without any security issues.

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