Insert Adobe FrameMaker elements using keyboard

While using  structured FrameMaker we normally insert elements, and wrap and unwrap elements around text using the UI–the catalogs and the menu items. This takes a few clicks to insert an element. It is slow, involves using both, the keyboard and the mouse, and requires us to focus on what’s happening in the UI. So how does one get rid of all these nuisances?

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts in Adobe FrameMaker which help us authors accomplish almost all the tasks. Watch the Captivate demo below to know how to quickly handle elements, with the help of these shortcuts.

If you are using unstructured FrameMaker and dealing with paragraph and character formats, read my previous post, to know how to handle them using keyboard shortcuts as well.

Further readings:
FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts for structured authoring
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Author: AshishG


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