Suppress FrameMaker alerts

Your document uses unavailable fonts.

FrameMaker alert for missing fonts
missing fonts

Your document was created using a previous FM version.

FrameMaker alert about old release document
old release document

Your document has unresolved cross-references.

FrameMaker alert about unresolved cross reference
unresolved cross reference

Helpful when we want them, but irritating when we know about the issues, right?

Don’t sigh anymore. FrameMaker 10 has options to turn them off!

Next time you open a book containing 10 files, with missing fonts and missing cross references. You don’t have to click 20 times!

Go to File > Preferences > Alert Strings. Show warning when:

  • clearing FrameMaker history.
  • opening a file containing unresolved cross-references.
  • opening a previous version document.
  • opening a file containing unavailable fonts.
FrameMaker alert settings
FrameMaker alert settings

Refer to the What’s New in FrameMaker 10 documentation here.


Author: AshishG


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