Better and more powerful file search in Windows

If you want to search:

  • in multiple drives and folders simultaneously
  • for file(s) containing a word/sentence
  • by adding case-sensitivity to your search keyword
  • files created within a specific date range
  • and then export the results in a text, HTML, or Excel file

then read on…

With every thing going digital, the amount of data is exploding. With that is the importance of search. We all desire a more powerful search experience, not just on the web, but on the desktop too. Yet most of us don’t look beyond the default Windows search. In my opinion, search cannot get more dumbed-down than Windows XP/7 file search.

UltraFileSearch search utility
UltraFileSearch search utility

UltraFileSearch (download here) is a great utility which addresses all the issues, as well as, your wish list 🙂 Check these screenshots to see its options and some of the possible scenarios in which you can use it. It is available in a portable version too, which you can use without installing. Now that’s a lot of horsepower for a 1 MB utility!


Author: AshishG


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