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List the imported images in FrameMaker file(s)

So you have imported some graphics and images in your FrameMaker files and now you want to find out which ones were those.

It is advisable to import graphics by reference in FM files, instead of copying directly into the FrameMaker file.

To summarize the video:

  1. When you import images or graphics, import them by reference.
  2. For a single FM file:
    1. Select Special > List of > Reference.
    2. Include the Imported Graphics.
    3. Generate the list of references.
  3. For multiple FM files:
    1. Add all the files in a book.
    2. Select the book, and then Add > List of > References.
    3. Include the Imported Graphics.
    4. Update the book to generate the list of references.

Tip: If you have imported graphics by copying into the document, and assigned a particular paragraph format (eg. Figure title) to them all, you can generate a list of this particular paragraph format.

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12 thoughts on “List the imported images in FrameMaker file(s)

  1. why is FrameMaker 11 trying to bring in graphics not used in file I’m trying to open?
    When I open the TOC files for each chapter of a book, I keep getting asked for the location of one graphic, even though the graphic is not used in the TOC file. I used your hint and created a List of References and it shows the graphic in the list.

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  3. Generating a list of imported graphics no longer works in FM12. Does anyone know a workaround? When I generate an index of referenced graphics, I get a list of about a dozen files instead of the 800 or so that I know are in my book.

    • Is this true? I am trying to find out why my IORs no longer work.They generate everything EXCEPT imported graphics, which is probably the most important item in an IOR. Is there a fix?

      • Great. I just downsaved my files to v11 and generated the book, and everything came out right. That’s just awesome. So we all upgraded to v12 late last year and started migrating books, but a very important tool is now unavailable. Thanks, Adobe!

      • Matt, it sounds like you had a tough time with IORs. I am not sure how this functionality behaves in v11 and v12. If you are still facing issues, allow me to suggest resorting to the official Adobe forums. With various community experts lurking there to help folks, you’d find a much quicker and authoritative answer. I hope this helps.

  4. Can anyone tell me if there is an “Archive” plugin for FM9 that will take all the graphics from various locations and put them into a single folder with references to that folder? There was a plugin for earlier versions of FM but it will not work in FM9.

  5. That is another good idea, David. For the benefit of our readers, can you please share a blog post or instructions to do the same?

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  7. Pingback: Find all FrameMaker files containing a particular graphic « Technical writers' tool kit

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