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Do away with data copying hassles on Windows

Read on if you relate the following scenarios:

  • A copy operation you started is hung.
  • There are many small files so the copy is sluggish.
  • In a folder, some files are present on destination, while some are to be copied. You don’t want to overwrite (it takes more time) and you also don’t want to manually look through folders.
  • Electricity went off or you had to close the operation mid-way, even though copying is not finished. Your copying operation is incomplete.
  • You’ve run a copy operation; it is taking up a lot of system resource; you have left the machine running and are attending other chores; suddenly you want to use the system quickly for a min but it is taking forever to even open mail because of the resource-hungry copy operation. Now you want to pause the copy operation!

Use Teracopy.

  • To copy data in bulk. It copied faster using buffers and multiple threads. It copies asynchronously.
  • If something erroneous happens while copying TeraCopy handles it gracefully. It’ll try copying over and over but will time out, skip the file and get going with other files in the queue.
  • You can pause the copying (and later resume it).
  • A simulation will tell you the difference between source and destination.

I have used TeraCopy and RichCopy (by MicroSoft), and they have served me well, former being less intrusive 🙂

What do you use for bulk file copying?


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