About this blog

All knowledge workers are enabled by tools, software and hacks. Without realizing it enough!

Techcomm is not rocket science. Beyond a certain expertise, all writers can do good technical writing. To cover the wider ground of technical communication, one has to know and leverage their tools, software, and hacks. While content strategy, just plain text content, authoring and publishing, domain knowledge, et al are all quite important, the tools, tips and tricks, usability, lifehacks, etc. are equally important.

Most of the times, this is what I share on this blog — the tools and tricks that I use and advocate. The posts are about accomplishing tasks, usage of tools, improving usability, reviewing features, customizing software or our workflows, time management, lifehacks, and such. Collaboration and communication, information gathering, trying features, information analysis and architecture, etc. takes up much more time than we are aware of! And all these activities are efficient only with a good backing of tools.

In short, this blog is not restricted to tools, but is about ways for writers and techcomm professionals to get their daily work done.

What I post here are my individual opinions, in my personal capacity. The thoughts may not match with those of my current (Adobe Systems) or past employers. My company allows its employees to get involved in the community and be active on social media.