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Contact Ashish Gupta

Want to talk about all things techcomm and social media, want to collaborate on ideas or just brainstorm, want some UX testing or QA done, or looking for a freelancer to author or edit content? Reach out to me, using any one of the following social profiles.


My feeds and streams

Twitter feed twitter.com/ashiitb

Listly compilations list.ly/ashiitb

YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/blackfog

Tumblr blog ashiitb.tumblr.com/


My profiles

LinkedIn bio www.linkedin.com/in/ashishiitb

About.me page about.me/guptaashish

Klout score klout.com/ashiitb

Google+ profile plus.google.com/+AshishGuptaIITB/about

Gravatar profile en.gravatar.com/blackfog

Facebook feed www.facebook.com/blackfog.ashish

Adobe forum profile forums.adobe.com/people/ashish%20gupta.


10 thoughts on “Contact Ashish Gupta

  1. Hey Ashish,
    Hope you can help. I’m using Captivate 8. I’ve inserted click boxes with the propertiy set to jump to a slide. Also I created a hyperlink to open the company website. When I go to preview non of the click boxes or hyperlinks are working. Am I missing something?? Thanks

  2. Hey Ashish,

    I am working on captivate 6. When I enter a hyperlink to open a file, it opens in browser preview but not when published. Any idea why this happens and how to rectify this issue.


  3. Hi Ashish,

    I just upgraded to FM12 and am suddenly having a problem with LOR files. I have my LOR file setup to list Imported Graphics and External Cross-refs. The LOR template is from FM11, opened and saved in FM12, but no other changes. The references to the Imported Graphics no longer show when I update the LOR. Is there something that is different between FM11 and FM12 that would cause this?

    Thank you,

      • Thank you for the reply Ashish. I did try that before I posted to your blog, but I keep getting kicked out. I have logged into the site and posted and clicked “Ask” and then it kicks me out and asks me to log in again (which I do) and then it takes me back to the post page with a blank post, mind you, when I have already filled it out. It just keeps cycling me around and around. Tried it again just now and am getting the same literal run-around. Any help there??? I have searched the Adobe site for anything on this issue, but have found nothing.

        Since posting my original question, I even tried adding a new FM12 chapter (from FM12 templates) to the front of my book file and then created the LOR file with External Cross-References and Imported Graphics. Still have the same issue – no Imported Graphics references appear in the LOR.

        Now two things are not working – FM12 and the Adobe site – I need help please!

      • Hello again Ashish. I tried accessing the Adobe community again, through a different route. I saw that they had been having problems with their services. I tried posting again, and this time was able to complete the post successfully. So I will see what they say. Thank you for your time!

  4. Hi Ashish,
    I saw your website and found it to be quite impressive. I was wondering if it’s possible to have a PDF form created with sections that can be expanded or collapsed based on the radio button Yes/No. I would like to use this form to collect data and manage it into database. Would appreciate your advise.

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