Crowd source your feedback via social lists

Everyone in the IT sector is looking for feedback from social media.

  • Product managers for the products.
  • Support staff for the overall perception of their support.
  • Investors for the new hot field to invest in.
  • Like-minded people to discuss topics, follow feeds, attend events, contribute to causes, etc.
  • And us communicators for our documentation, videos, forums’ efficacy, and usefulness of blogs.


  • Surveys are now a thing of past.
  • Tracking user behavior is limited in various ways, for various reasons.
  • Doing such market research is relatively costly.
  • Face-to-face customer engagement is a bit formal and restricted media for open feedback.

Listly's feature wish listSocial and crowd-sourced lists are a great tool for all the above use cases and then some more. While lists have always been around and ranks and ratings have always been part of the websites, but these have not been so prominent, so user-friendly, never had such a large user base, and never went social. has overcome all these shortcomings in a great way. Here’s a great example of seeking wish list items from the community!

Oh and you can find yours truly listing here. To join Listly, use this link.


A crowdsourced list of Adobe Connect resources

Adobe Connect mnemonicA few months back, we at Adobe, created landing page for help and support of Adobe Connect. Fantastic page I must say. This central page caters to all your help and support needs around Adobe Connect. Hence the name Help Hub page. However, every resource under the sun cannot be linked to, from a single page.

This is where solves the problem by allowing us to create crowd-sourced lists. Listly lists support community voting and tagging, thereby showing items sorted by crowdrank. A few weeks ago I started experimenting with a running list of all available Adobe Connect resources and it is has been a hit with the community.

Together, the Adobe Connect Help Hub page and the list Adobe Connect Resources, bring to you the best of Adobe’s and the communities’ offerings.

Adobe Connect list of

You can add to the list, popularize it, rate the existing items, embed it on your websites, and more. Let me know, in the comments, how useful you find it.