Desk pinup mind map of the popular FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts

Memorize these popular keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity when authoring in Adobe FrameMaker. Print this PDF and pin it to your workstation to use as a ready reckoner.

FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts reference

For specific keyboard shortcuts for Structured FM, use this desk pinup.
For a complete list of FM shortcuts, see this official help article.


Desk pinup of Adobe FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts for typical structured FM tasks

I am sharing the desk pinup that I use to refer to the keyboard shortcuts for authoring in structured FrameMaker. This PDF is print-ready for A4 printers. If you wish to include modify the listed shortcuts, use this spreadsheet to edit and then print.

Common structured FM shortcuts desk pinup

The above file contains a small subset of all the supported shortcuts and includes the shortcuts for the commands I use frequently. I suppose a good number of these commands are popular with other users. Just print it and stick to your desk, to quickly refer to and learn the popular shortcuts.

For shortcuts of broader tasks, including unstructured FM, see my other post titled Desk pinup mind map of the popular FrameMaker keyboard shortcuts.