Find all FrameMaker files that use a particular image

We know how to find all the graphics used in a FM file. What if you want to find all the FM files using a particular image, screenshot, graphic, or artwork?

Say, an element of your UI has changed and you have to publish only those documents which use that screenshot.

Say, you want to change description of an artwork that is used in a few documents.

On a local copy of your files you can quickly search for such documents using the illustrated method. Besides native FrameMaker files, this method works on XML and other text files too.

You can download Ultra File Search from its homepage.


List the imported images in FrameMaker file(s)

So you have imported some graphics and images in your FrameMaker files and now you want to find out which ones were those.

It is advisable to import graphics by reference in FM files, instead of copying directly into the FrameMaker file.

To summarize the video:

  1. When you import images or graphics, import them by reference.
  2. For a single FM file:
    1. Select Special > List of > Reference.
    2. Include the Imported Graphics.
    3. Generate the list of references.
  3. For multiple FM files:
    1. Add all the files in a book.
    2. Select the book, and then Add > List of > References.
    3. Include the Imported Graphics.
    4. Update the book to generate the list of references.

Tip: If you have imported graphics by copying into the document, and assigned a particular paragraph format (eg. Figure title) to them all, you can generate a list of this particular paragraph format.

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