Why Adobe Connect? or The top 9 cool things you can do in Adobe Connect

Top features of Adobe Connect
Look at all those cool things you can do in Adobe Connect!!!

We all engage online via web conferencing. We all collaborate online via virtual meetings. We all telecommute once in a while.And those amongst ourselves who use Adobe Connect to do so, are in good hands thanks to super-rich features and flexibility of the platform. Here’s a compilation of the cool things you can do and achieve when collaborating online using Adobe Connect.

The embedded videos, links to documentation, and more resources will help you understand the feature and how to use it.

Number 1

Adobe Connect solution has a dazzling mobile client! It only helps that it is available for both, Android and iOS for free.

Host meetings from any device and share screen, use advanced animations, supports audio conferencing from within Connect, video support in widescreen, start recordings, share content from Connect Content Library, personalization and branding, and so much more. Read more at the Connect Mobile page.

Numbers 2 Hosts can easily track engagement of various participants in meetings, events and other virtual sessions, in real-time. Use the Engagement Dashboard to view participants’ attention and interactivity levels.

Gauging engagement levels help hosts and presenters to optimize their sessions further.

Number 3 You can monitor your event campaigns by using campaign IDs in the URLs.

Also, check out how you can generate the Campaign Report, in Adobe Connect 9. See this video for a walkthrough

Number 4 You can record your sessions for later viewing, edit those before sharing, download for offline use, and for conversion to MP4 that can be shared on various devices or uploaded online for mass sharing.

For a comprehensive list of actions around Connect recordings, see this index in the official documentation.

Number 5

In Adobe Connect, you can create rich HTML pages for your online events and webinar. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface of Adobe Experience Manager, you can create customized page templates. These include a landing page, speaker information page, registration page, and login page.

Number 6

Adobe Connect allows for various simplified ways for your participants to register and consume the online events and seminars you schedule. They can use their Facebook or Google+ social accounts to register and join events.

Number 7

Besides the out-of-the-box reports, people organizing or administering online events can generate custom reports. Titled user information report, this CSV report allows you to get your webinar data in any Learning Management System (LMS) or a lead generation system of your choice.

See how to create rules to export user profile data from events in this help article.

Number 8The latest Adobe Connect offering integrates well with your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) setup to integrate your Connect webinars on your AEM webpages. The low-down on this integration is documented in AEM Webinars Integration with Adobe Connect.

Number 9When multiple folks are attending using a webcam and a session has multiple camera feeds, you can view them in a Filmstrip mode. Read about it and about sharing webcam video in this article.

The Filmstrip mode implementation in Adobe Connect allows participants to focus on the main speaker, while allowing hosts and presenters to control the overall experience.

I hope the above helps you in understanding Adobe Connect or even in making a decision in favor of the platform. Let me know what is your tenth reason!

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