Generate tag cloud of keywords on any page using Urim Firefox addon

Urim is a nifty addon for Firefox that creates tag cloud of words and phrases of the open webpage. It generates the results on the fly and in real time. Some potential use cases where I find this addon very helpful are:
Urim icon

  • Analyze the primary keywords used on the open online article
  • Check where these primary keywords are used on the page from SEO perspective
  • Speed reading and skimming through sentences containing the primary keyword
  • Quickly understand the context and category of the content on a page

The interface is very user-friendly.

With the URIM sidebar open, you can switch between different tabs and quickly check the keywords density on any tab in real time. The generated word cloud shows single words, as well as, two or three word long phrases. A total of 50 words are listed for each page. Click on a word in the tag cloud to jump to the first occurrence of the word. To cycle through all the occurrences, keep pressing F3 shortcut.

If some specific content is selected on a page, Urim generates the tag cloud for the selected text. Urim needs to be (closed and) opened after the content is selected.

Tip: To open Urim use Alt+Shift+U keyboard shortcut or click on its icon in the Firefox navigation toolbar. Check in the screenshot below.

Urim icon in toolbar
Urim icon in toolbar

Keyboard shortcuts of project management platform Trello

Trello is one of the best web-based project management platform.

It is quite user-friendly and the neat keyboard shortcuts enhance its usability even further. A complete list is available at In the demo below, I have covered the most relevant and useful shortcuts.

Shortcuts covered in the demo are:

  1. Use all 4 arrows keys to navigate between cards.
  2. Pressing “n” opens a pop-over that allows you to add a card after the currently selected card.
  3. Pressing the left or right angle brackets (< and >) will move a card to the adjacent left or right list.
  4. Pressing “m” opens the add / remove members menu. Clicking a member’s avatar will assign or unassign that person.
  5. Pressing “d” will open the due date picker for a card.
  6. Pressing “l” opens available labels. Press a label’s number to apply the label.

The best keyboard shortcut I like: Press ‘q’ to view only your cards. This applies a filter. Press ‘x’ to remove this (and any other) filters applied.

Filtering cards in Trello for more focus on specific tasks

Trello is a very user-friendly project management software. To make it even more usable, you can focus on your specific tasks by filtering your cards.

  • You can access all your cards, across all your boards, on one page at You can sort by your board by list and by due date. Cards are are shown in the order of lists from left to right.
  • You can see only the cards assigned to you to remove the clutter. This is useful when the board becomes large.
  • You can filter by due date to know where to focus right now.
  • Trello remembers your filters when you log in next.

I have covered these in the following demo.

Tip: To filter just your cards, press ‘Q’ on your keyboard when viewing a board. Remove this filter by pressing ‘Q’ or ‘X’.

Mozilla Firefox browser addons for communicators, journalists, and writers: Part II

Update: This list is now curated, is social, is shareable, and is embeddable. See it and contribute to it at

This blog post is part of this series about Firefox addons useful for writers, communicators, journalists, et al.

Previous post showcased many addons helpful for handling content. In this part I am compiling the addons for doing research, taking notes, referring to a dictionary, and translating.

Fx addon Description
Read It Later Save pages to read later with just one click. When you have time, access your reading list from any computer or phone, even without an internet connection.
QuoteURLText Quote URL text will copy selected to the clipboard including metadata about the page (Page Title, Location and date of copy). It provides options for plaintext or rich text copies. Advance formating (available from Tools -> QuoteUrlText) allow users to format the order of the URL, Title, Date and Quote as they need.
Zotero Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. It lives right where you do your work—in the web browser itself. .
ScrapBook Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection.
Evernote Web Clipper Use this extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. It provides a toolbar button and context menu to add an article, selection, URL or an entire page. Clips to your native Evernote client by default if it is installed.
Answers’s 1-Click Answers™ saves you time by instantly delivering the information you’re looking for. Point at any word, hold the Alt key (Ctrl in Linux) and click. A pop-up will appear on the screen, explaining the term.
QuickFox Notes QuickFox is a multi-tab note taking solution for Firefox and Thunderbird that employs the integrated bookmarks system or a single sqlite database to store notes. That is, if you already have either a bookmarks synchronization add-on (e.g.: XMarks) or a file synchronization software (e.g.: Dropbox, SugarSync, Syncplicity), your notes will be synchronized automatically, no more setups!.
Diigo Toolbar Enable multi-color highlighter and post-it notes as your reading aids; Capture the whole page or any portion to share or archive; Save everything online to allow access anywhere. See Youtube
Diigolet Diigo addon, described above, is a full-featured toolbar for power users. If you like a light-weight solution, you may prefer Diigolet instead.
Dictionary – Dictionary definitions at your fingertips. Select word, click on toolbar button and tab will open with explanation on With this add on you can look up words in dictionary and thesaurus at and or check the spelling at
ImTranslator – Online Translator, Dictionary, TTS ImTranslator provides the access to online translation powered by Babylon, Google, Microsoft and other translation engines for over 50 languages. ImTranslator includes dictionary, text-to-speech, virtual keyboard, spell checker, back translation.
Wiktionary and Google Translate (formerly Google Dictionary and Google Translate) In-line dictionary for any word you point to or double-click; whole page translation of any web page in another language.
FoxLingo – Translator / Dictionary Web page and text translator, dictionary, grammar checker, auto translation, text-to-speech, and language learning services. Supports over 3,000 unique language pairs and 31 online translators, including Google Translate, Wikipedia, and Babylon. Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
WhiteSmoke Dictionary Utilities Find definition, translation and check grammar for the selected text using WhiteSmoke online service.
Dictionary Search a word in various dictionary sites. You may select a word on a page and right click to search or copy/paste into the box in the status bar.
Dictionary Switcher Toggles dictionaries automatically or manually and displays the currently selected one. By default, dictionary switcher was added to the status bar, but it is not present in most Mozilla browsers newer than FireFox 3.6. To use dictionary switcher in them, it must be dragged from the toolbar customization palette and dropped on the preferred area of the user interface.
British English Dictionary This extension packages David Bartlett’s British English Dictionary R1.19 for Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.
Dictionary Tooltip Press ctrl+shift+K (or) double-click to see its meaning. This extension is ideal for those who doesn’t like to switch their window to see the meaning of a word.
Urban Dictionary Search using Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is the slang dictionary you wrote. Define your world. Dictionary Dictionary of American English: This dictionary has a very nice Web 2.0 browse interface. It contains definitions/meanings, audio, phonetics, usages and other information. Searched word can be added in the personal word-list.
Google Dictionary Google Dictionary is a dictionary service introduced by Google on December 2009, and is now used by Google as the default dictionary. This search plugin looks up the definition of a term using the English version of Google Dictionary.
SnappyWords Visual Dictionary Snappy Words is an online interactive dictionary and thesaurus that helps you find meaning of words and draw connections of other associated words. Type a word to find other associated words and their meanings as they branch of from the main word. It’s a great way to learn new words, quick definitions and discover associated terms in a visual interactive display. Dictionary Search Allows you to easily search definitions and articles on Techopedia’s IT dictionary.
HyperTranslate Advanced inline translator: Select the text then press selected key to translate selection.
Easy Google Translate (Now Talking!) Translate the selected text quickly and easily. Just select text and press ‘CTRL’ 2 times and DONE!!! Your translation will appear above the mouse in a balloon with a button to talk your translation. Quick and Easy!
Gesture Translate With Gesture Translate you can translate any text in a webpage just by full circle or zig and zag mouse movements. The translated text will be showed in the status bar.
gTranslate With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.
gTranslate With gTranslate you can translate any text in a webpage just by selecting and right-clicking over it. The extension uses the Google translation services to translate the text.
My Translator (Google Translate) One click translation! Select text and get translation directly in your context menu! No more digging in menus, or any other hard ways! . Unlike others this one is really intuitive and useful, still left simple.
Facebook Translate Translate status updates and comments on Facebook. Seamlessly integrates into Facebook.

Do share your favorite addons for researching and note taking in the comments below.

Mozilla Firefox browser addons for communicators, journalists, and writers: Part I

Update: This list is now curated, is social, is shareable, and is embeddable. See it and contribute to it at


Being a long-time power user of various browsers, you can safely believe me when I swear by Mozilla Firefox 🙂 Sure it is a tad bit slower to start, but once it is up and running, Fx is quite a power horse. And the browser itself is just a framework, or a platform on top of which the community has created plugins, popularly called addons, which are the real power horses.

In this series of blog posts I shall present consolidate and categorize the various addons for writers, communicators, journalists, Information architects, and others. From gaining control of your text to keeping your work safe and sound, all the essential Fx addons are compiled here. No fillers. Just the real juice!

For first part I am covering below, the addons helpful in handling content.

Fx Addon Description
PageZipper Clicking ‘Next’ and waiting takes longer than actually reading the page. PageZipper automatically merges all the ‘Next’ pages into one, so you can skip directly to the stuff you want.
EPUBReader With EPUBReader you can read ePub files just in Firefox. No additional software needed! When you click an ePub file, it is presented for reading.
CoLT CoLT (short for “Copy Link Text”) makes it easy to copy either a link’s text, or both the link text and its URL in a format you specify. This non-invasive extension simply appears as context menu items when you right-click a link. Fully customizable!
Unwrap Text Unwraps a multi-line URL and opens it in a new tab.
QuickNote QuickNote is a simplistic, tabbed note-taking extension, for Firefox and Thunderbird.
AutoCopy Select text on any web page and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Paste on middle click.
Link Gopher Extracts all links from web page, sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for inspection or copy and paste into other systems.
Word Count Plus Counts number of words in selected text. Can add the count to a running total. You don’t have to copy and paste everything to MSWord.
Text Formatting Toolbar As the name indicates, this gives you an extra toolbar on your browser, but you can of course switch it off via the View menu when you don’t need it. This toolbar lets you quickly format text in bulletin-board code, HTML or Wiki code. I use it mainly for formatting forum messages, but it’s also useful for creating hyperlinks in blog comments, and in other cases where you need to create a quick bit of HTML on the fly.
ScribeFire Blog Editor Allows you to write blog posts and upload photos which you can then drag to several blogs or text editors.
Toodledo Helps you group and organize pieces of text, links and photos (like article photos) for a quick grab, re-using and sharing. Saves loads of time, too.
Copy Plain Text This extension gives you complete control over rich text by stripping it plain. Perfect for research or quoting other sources without links and formatting you don’t want or need.
Split Browser Pasting from one tab to another can be cumbersome. This extension makes the process a breeze by splitting your browser window into two (or three, or four) panels, allowing for instant copying and pasting between pages.
Resizable Text Area This extension makes text input areas flexible by allowing you to resize them as you like. Give your writing the room it needs to breathe.
AutoCopy Clever little time-saver which automatically adds text to the clip-board as soon as you select it.
ScrapBook When gathering research for an article you’ll often find yourself cutting and saving snippets of text from various websites. ScrapBook is a simple, bookmarks-style interface designed to make this process quick and painless.
Signature Every web writer finds themselves re-using certain snippets of text again and again — whether it’s your byline or the HTML code you use for that image in every article. Signature allows you to save these snippets and access them at any time via the right-click menu. Lovely.
Text Area Word Counter An extension for freelance web writers by, arguably, one of the best: Gina Trapani. Instantly retrieve the word count of text in any web form. Perfect for paid bloggers with a word quota to meet.
Dummy Lipsum Dummy text generator.

Which is your favorite addon? What did I miss? Thanks to the creators of these addons!

Analyze disk space usage and delete files to increase free space using WinDirStat

What would I ever do with this space?
I am not going to rip all my music CDs and keep them on the hard disk!
Low disk space error message on Windows
Low disk space error message on Windows

And then we get that dreaded pop-up balloon from the tray saying low disk space. Well, shit happens!

And while purchasing it, you wondered why would you ever need a 500 GB hard disk. Turns out, over a long time, your operating system or your software may end up doing what you resolved not to do–that is, fill up your disk space.

Many tools are available for analysis of disk usage. However, after trying a good number of those, I have settled for WinDirStat (WDS for short) for years now.

From its Wikipedia entry:

WinDirStat is a graphical disk usage analyzer for Microsoft Windows, notable for presenting a sub-tree view with disk use percentage alongside a usage-sorted list of file extensions that is interactively integrated with a colorful graphical display (a treemap).

Let me just share some salient points of WDS below:

  • WinDirStat allows you to not just identify the large files, but also delete them using something called ‘built-in cleanup actions’.
  • And all this while remaining extremely user-friendly. The generated views are sorted by file size, so that one can focus on the biggest offenders 🙂
  • Statistics about the file types help in quickly identifying the offending file types, as well.
  • It is completely free and available as a portable app too.

As an example, check below, an analysis my Windows 7 64-bit installation, which is ~1 year old now. 22.5 GB in just the Windows folder? Holy shit MicroSoft!

Space taken by Windows folder on Win7
Space taken by Windows folder on Win7

FrameMaker tools, utilities, and resources

Below is a running list of FrameMaker utilities, tools, add-ins, extensions, templates, and so on. Some are free, some paid. Some are recent and maintained, some outdated. Nevertheless, a big thanks to all the creators for providing these.

  1. Compilation of FM tools at
  2. FM tools offered by Leximation at
  3. A bit outdated compilation of sites offering FM tools at
  4. Translators for FM around MIF, LaTeX, BibTeX, et al at
  5. Adobe FrameMaker tutorials, training, and templates on at

Share the links to free or commercial FrameMaker resources in the comments section.