Browser usability fail – trusted website poses a risk

A facepalm moment!

Why, O my browser, why?! You know it is a trusted site!

PS: Wondering about the quality engineer who tested this scenario and the writer who wrote these strings! They must literally be heads down in their work πŸ˜‰


A misplaced button is user’s plight!

I was trying to log into eRoom application in office today and guess where is the OK button you have to click to log in (or even submit e-mail for password recovery).

I am a first time user of this application (now) owned by Documentum. I did not know where to look. They should have thought of the most obvious place where any user would look (i.e. onΒ  the right side of or below the radio buttons). Besides the login screen, from what I hear eRoom is a great application!

eRoom Documentum login screen usability fail
eRoom Documentum login screen usability fail

MS Office 2007 installer usability fail

I think, as writers and communicators, we will (should!) have a big role to play in the design as well. I just heard from a prominent developer that he does not use his product! Of course he can’t. He might as well be using VC++ more than the software he is creating πŸ™‚ But we, writers, are users as well as contributors. We should take this onto us to (constructively!) suggest better design.

MS office installer usability fail
Office installer showing default selections AGAIN

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