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What’s next for you?

What’s next for you readers, visitors, and subscribers of my blog?

Want to share my content with others?

Feel free to use social share buttons at the bottom of posts. Optionally, CC me so I know the reach of my content.

Want more?

Browse through the archives using tags or categories. Subscribe to my blog via email. I promise, I don’t spam 🙂 Neither do I blog more than once a month. (As an aside, I know that is a bit less than where I’d like it to be!)

Wish to contribute?

You are welcome! Contact me for writing guest posts, comment on my own posts, suggest blog post ideas, extend my posts on your social channels, critique a post… and get famous quickly! 🙂

Looking to get some content created?

Contact me via one of my social channels. Also, you can write to ashishiitb at gmail dotcom. I look forward to exploring career/business prospects.

Feeling thankful?

Please leave a note on your social media channels or on one of my channels.

Want to network with me?

Reach out to me, preferably on LinkedIn or via Twitter. Let’s talk about how I can help you. I look forward to all professional networking opportunities.

Want to reuse some work?

Except where I note it specifically, all textual and graphical content created by me AND published on this blog is available under Creative Commons BY license license. Anyone is free to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon these to create new work, even commercially, as long as they credit me for the original creation. Logos and mnemonics belong to the respective brands, organization, or individuals. Also, I wouldn’t mind a note of thanks, to reinforce my belief in an open world 🙂


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